By Kathryn Tucker Windham

Money owed of ghostly and religious happenings at 13 destinations all through Mississippi.

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These rings of hard, baked earth look as if they have been there on the Trace for a long, Page 42 long time. And, though they do not believe in witches, sometimes the people who find the scattered spots wonder about their origin and wonder who else has paused along the Trace to stare and speculate. Did De Soto see those small, parched clearings when he crossed the Trace in 1541? Or was the Spanish explorer so absorbed in his search for riches that he failed to notice the circles of bare earth? Page 43 The Indians, the Chickasaws and the Choctaws, who had followed this trail through the wilderness for five hundred years or more before De Soto's arrival surely knew about the witches' dances and the scars they left on the earth.

The periphery sounds, the calls of birds and the cries of animals and the snapping of the canes, that intruded into that silence tormented him. Moralists say it could have been his conscience that troubled Hare, but this is unlikely. Robbery and murder (he did not delight in senseless killing as the Harpes did, but he Page 48 did not refrain from murder when he deemed it necessary) became easier and easier for the gifted Hare. When he could bear the barren life on the Trace no longer, Hare and his friends went to Nashville to spend their loot (Hare, the gentleman, purchased in addition to a wardrobe of new clothes a gig, two horses, and a black boy to drive), going from there to Louisville, then back down the river to Natchez and New Orleans.

Just as he learned to pacify the child, he became competent at other unfamiliar skills. As the war dragged on, he learned to make repairs on the house and on the farm equipment. He learned to make do with plain fare instead of the sumptuous meals once served at Lochinvar. He learned to patch and mend and darn and do without. Most importantly, perhaps, he learned to nurse the sick and wounded Confederate soldiers who, in greater and greater numbers, found their way to Lochinvar. He slept fitfully, as many old people do, and he lay listening to the night sounds, cataloging each one.

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