By Chris McNab

Describes three hundred uniforms of the final a hundred years from all around the world.
Superbly illustrated with full-colour works of art.

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The web anklets are also British Army stock. She carries the 9mm MP40 subrnachine gun, no doubt left by the wartime German forces. The DSE had no standard weapons and uniform, though many DSE units shared khaki battledress and a khaki side cap. I Sergeont Hungorion Gendormerie Russio 1941 A s in the case of the German Army. Athe undoing of the Hungarian firrces was its commitments on the liastern Front. The 2nd Hungarian Army alone suffered up to f90,000 r:asualties during its ill-fated defence on the Soviet Don Front to the south of Voronezh, near Stalingrad, in 1943.

This soldier is armed with classic trench fighting tools: a Mauser Model l9l4 pistol and two hand-grenades, as well as a sharpened spade. i,l. T160per Stormtrooper Germon Army Fronce I 91 8 stormlrooper carries little exfaneous kit. The two khaki bags slung over his shoulders are actually grenade sacks made from sandbags, a plcntiful supply of grenades being rcquisite for most stormtroopers ussaulting Allied trenches. 3lin) lMauser carbine. The Ml9l5 uniform ls typical of the German soldier in l1)18.

HUNGARY GREECE Guerrillo Greek Democrotic Army Greece 1947 rFhe communist revolutionary forces of the Dimohratihos Stratos Ellados @SEJ conducted an effective guerrilla war against the Greek Government for nearly three years, yet eventually sabotaged its own efforts by moving too quickly to conventional warfare in 1948. After this point, the DSE insurgents were more easily targeted by the U$backed forces of the Greek National iArmy, and several set-piece battles saw the DSE take losses it could not sustain.

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