By Tao Jiang, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Gerardo R. F. Alvear Flores, Onuralp Yucel, Xinping Mao, Hong Yong Sohn, Naiyang Ma, Phillip J. Mackey, Thomas P. Battle

The research, improvement, and/or operation of hot temperature procedures that contain the construction of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, and refractory and ceramic fabrics are coated within the booklet. The cutting edge tools for attaining impurity segregation and elimination, derivative restoration, waste minimization, and/or power potency also are concerned. 8 issues are provided within the book:

1: excessive potency New Metallurgical strategy and Technology
2: basic study of Metallurgical Process
3: Alloys and fabrics Preparation
4: Direct aid and Smelting Reduction
5: Coking, New strength and Environment
6: usage of reliable Slag/Wastes and intricate Ores
7: Characterization of extreme temperature Metallurgical Process

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And oxides were oxides containing titanium, aluminum, iron. The analysis of microstructure and chemical composition of the high titanium ferroalloy prepared by step-up reduction Thermite Reaction with Al-Ca-Si as combined agent had shown that the content of A1 and O in high titanium ferroalloy prepared by stepup reduction thermite reaction were both greatly reduced comparing with that of with A1 alone as an agent. Acknowledgement This research was supported by National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) (51274064, 51422403), National Basic Research Program of China (973 plan) (2013CB632606-2), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (N110202003; N130102002).

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