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1998: Timucuan Chiefdoms of Spanish Florida, 2 vols. Gainesville: University of Florida Press. Wright, J. Leitch, Jr. 1981: The Only Land They Knew: The Tragic Story of the American Indians in the Old South. New York: Free Press. Wright, J. Leitch, Jr. 1986: Creeks and Seminoles: Destruction and Regeneration of the Muscogulge People. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. CHAPTER TWO Spanish and French Exploration and Colonization PAUL E. HOFFMAN H ISTORIANS have traditionally presented the Spanish and French explorations and colonizations of the American South as minor parts of the larger narrative of the European ``discovery'' of the world and as part of the story of national rivalries among the Spaniards, French, and English for colonial possessions.

This is clearly the most important book we have on the internal history of La Florida during the second Spanish period. The history of West Florida as a British and Spanish colony, like that of East Florida in the eighteenth century, needs additional study. Weber (1992) gives an overview. A somewhat longer one is William S. Coker's (1999) essay that incorporates recent archival and archeological evidence and shows just how much is still not known. Cecil Johnson (1943) remains the standard history of that colony.

SPANISH AND FRENCH EXPLORATION AND COLONIZATION 25 This thralldom to nineteenth-century conceptions of nation and male, Eurocentric, teleological narrative is rightly under challenge in this nation of peoples called the United States. And even were it not, it is scarcely credible that the colonial histories of Carolina and Georgia, and the story of sectional conflict, to mention only the most obvious topics, could be told without paying attention to the histories of La Florida and La Louisiane.

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