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I've got stumbled on this Coptic dictionary to be very helpful in lots of methods. it's convenient, functional, and fairly thorough for its measurement. And more straightforward at the eyes than Crum's because of a extra smooth typeface.

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Anyone, something (with positive), no one, nothing (with negative) AOOY, AAY m. f. t mud, filth A^cDB m. steam, smoke A x e x e e [ A e e x e . A ^ e X ] m. height, pride A2HM,eA2HM roar [ A A ^ M e N ] V. ^ p M A N pomegranate xoxxx,xo6xex,xejcAODXt be ill, sick; [xxxxex]m. sickness ACD a 2 » A e 2 A O jc 2 =^, A O Jc 2 ^ cmj/i, crushed, erase, lick, be difficult^; m. oppression xo6,xx6 i n p A o 6 be impudent, persistent [xx6e,xx6^ cease, recover, cure] xo\6e [xxe\6e] t cause, excuse M called MH transhterated m M as number forty M-forKi- before [B], M, n, v)/, (() 14 MX MX m.

Strength, protector Neeq m . sailor N i q e blow, breathe; m . breath N e q p N o q p t be good, profitable, useful ( s u b j . as suffix) N o q p e [ N A q p e ] i. good, profit, advantage p N o q p e be profitable NOYqe good uez, N H 2 m . oil N e ^ M e genuine ( n e ) oil, olive oil NOYZ ni- rope, cord N O Y Z ^ ^ N e ^ - , N A 2 ^ , N H 2 ^ N e 2 ^ shake off, separate NOYZ^ f. sycamore HOyZ^y N A ^ B ^ , N A ^ ^ t yoke NA^F, NA^Beq m. yoke NA^S, NA^Be f. shoulders, back NOYZ^ copulate, impregnate NOY2^ [NOYZ^e ], N A ^ M ^ be saved, save, rescue N e ^ N O Y Z ' ^ ^ N e ^ N O Y Z ^ shake N e ^ n e mourn; m .

Destroyer cycoq, cyeq c y q e , cyBe necessary not fitting window q ^ o c y o y , cyjccyoy [cycocyq / / is inappropriate, c y o q ^ , cyHqt be desert, waste, destroy; m. seventy v . c x c y q cyqcji>,cyBCJL> [ c y B c u c D c ] c y q r * * V. c y i B e change measure (^cucyq)] i. myth, tale devastation 46 a>(jDqT cycDqT stumble, o^^qre xe talk, speak, say; m. f. wrestle; m. contest athlete pi. q)XHY

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