By Stephanie Laurens

Unique e-book: 1996

Jack Lester has to discover a bride...

But the place can he locate the correct girl? She needs to be beautiful, style, a great conversationalist...and most crucial, she has to simply accept him as he's: devilishly good-looking, captivating and, so far as someone is aware, bad as a church mouse! If London society discovers his hidden wealth, he'll by no means locate the fitting wife.

Jack's middle races whilst he first lays eyes on Sophie Winterton. She is every little thing he desires--and more--but he's stuck in his personal catch. Believing that Jack must marry into wealth, Sophie rejects all his advances, sure he might by no means marry a negative woman like her. As they play out a video game of cat and mouse, can Jack persuade her that she is the girl he wants--and that he's the husband she merits?

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I will flank the other riders. It is safer that way. Do not think you have to accompany me or see to my welfare. " She lifted her chin to indicate the woods. "Do you see that break in the oaks? That is where I will allow Becket to charge. No fox has ever been run to ground there as the cover is sparse. The creature that has been bedeviling the sheep was last sighted in the thickest part of the wood. " She nodded, smiling faintly. " Alert to every shift in the landscape, Elizabeth straightened suddenly and extended her riding crop toward the far edge of the field.

She was wearing a hunter green flannel shawl across her shoulders, and now she adjusted the ends so they covered more of her bosom. Her cotton nightdress was less revealing than the gown she had chosen to wear at the musicale, but since it was clearly intended for the bedroom, she felt more exposed. To his credit, Northam's eyes remained on her face. " she asked in polite but reserved accents. Northam remained where he was. " Elizabeth withheld comment, her skepticism communicated by her silence.

Then, save for finding the box, I don't know what I can do to ease Louise's distress. " Eastlyn removed his hat long enough to rake back his chestnut hair. "I hadn't considered the possibility of theft myself,'' he said, thoughtful now. ''Plain to see why it would occur to Lady Battenburn, though. This rascal, the one they call the Gentleman Thief in the Gazette, could be in our midst. " Southerton considered this. "The Gentleman Thief, eh? It bears some thinking. He is credited with lifting Lady Carver's diamond brooch at the Winthrop ball last winter.

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