By Victoria Laurie

Specialist psychic Abby Cooper has invested in a fixer-upper, hoping to make a killing within the genuine property industry. yet a killing of one other style places her plans awry, because the ghost of a murdered lady and a few difficult poltergeists lead her right into a secret that stretches all of the as far back as global warfare II.


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We seemed to both be tempted to answer the line, but we also didn’t want to ruin the spontaneous romantic moment building between us. So we compromised and waited for the machine to pick up the call. From the kitchen we could hear the answering machine announce that Dutch was unable to come to the phone and to leave a message. The moment the answering machine bleeped, a panicked voice shouted out from the machine, “Abby?! Dutch?! ” I darted around Dutch and dashed into the kitchen, grabbed the phone and clicked the ON button.

He shouted and dashed down the basement steps. Alarmed, I tore across the kitchen to the top of the stairs to see whom he was chasing after, but as I reached the landing I came to an abrupt halt and sucked in a breath of surprise. At the bottom of the stairwell lay the crumpled form of a woman with beautiful blond hair dressed in a white nightgown and matching silk robe. Her skin was very pale, and her face stared up at me with lifeless eyes. About her head was a thick pool of red and I knew she had not survived her fall.

I smiled at Cat, gave her a wink and bounded down the stairs to the kitchen phone. ” I said. ” a male voice that wasn’t my boyfriend’s asked. ” I replied, my brow frowning as my mind raced to put a name to the voice. ” “Milo! Happy holidays, honey! ” I asked. Milo was Dutch’s old police partner and best friend. “No. Listen, I don’t know how to tell you this . ” Milo began and I suddenly realized how tense he sounded even as a chill swept up my spine and my intuitive phone began buzzing loudly in my head.

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