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Panic overwhelmed her. She wanted to turn and flee but couldn’t find the muscle control to do so. The combination of her own guilt, the trauma of the morning’s events, and remnants of her anger somehow combined to make it impossible for her to run from him. Since there was no alternative, Brenna stood her ground, hands curled into fists on her hips, chin tilted in a defiance she was far from feeling. He paced toward her with the gliding, deliberate stride of a hunting cat, and when he reached a point less than a step away he stopped.

It was announced this past week that a major monograph written by him had been submitted and accepted for publication in an important philosophical journal. Copies of the monograph were passed around so that the faculty could read and admire the work of their department chief. ” Ryder asked interestedly as he served up the eggs and toast and sat down across from Brenna. ” “I did not make any open accusations. ” “His name is Damon Fielding. Dr. Damon Fielding,” she emphasized through clenched teeth.

Where was Ryder? Sooner of later she was going to have to deal with the man, she told herself tensely as she pulled on her jeans and found a long-sleeved plaid shirt. She was tucking in the ends of it and groping under the bed for her flat sandals when she heard a knock on the door. Brenna froze. Blindly she glanced down at the shoe she had retrieved. It wasn’t her flat, casual sandal at all. It was the red high-heeled dress shoe Ryder had removed last night. The knock sounded once more, this time with a note of impatience that surprised her.

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