By Philip Katcher

On the time of the yankee Civil struggle, with million males less than hands, a US military that during pre-war days had depended upon a minute variety of technical troops now required nearly a military of experts on my own. specified sharpshooters have been recruited for skirmishing accountability; males whose wounds might have resulted in their discharge some time past now stumbled on themselves guarding very important posts within the Veteran Reserve Corps; and massive numbers of civilians chanced on themselves in uniform as participants of the Telegraph or sanatorium Corps. Philip Katcher examines the association and uniforms of the professional troops who served within the armies of either sides.

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Vhite turnback' and button; grey trousers over short, black gaiters; wbi t belts. 1nlantrv, drummers had \"hite 's\vallow's nests' laced and trimmed in vellow braid and with ,·vhite and vellow mixed frinu·es. and a bras drum , t> with hoop. painted in triangles in quence ",hi te-red-bl ue. 22 Cavalry In 1814- two regiments of heavy dragoons were raised and were given a very old-l~lshioned unilorm consisting of a large bicorn \·vith orange cockade. and white plume, loop, button and tassels; dark blue, long-tailed tunic with facings shown on collar, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks (pink ror thc 1st Regim nt and yellow (or the 2 nd); whi te buttons, b Its and waistcoat; bufTbreeches; highcu (kd boot " heavv, cavalrv, sword wi th brass hilt in steel shcath ; \vhi tc gau n tlets.

The left man has a dark blue plume, the other a red one. yal Guard, 1806-10 The gold lace to collar and lapds. with th ir attendant ta:sle:. indicat guard. tatu. and the whit(' gaiters show that the summer uniform is being worn. "! out. ,3: Corporal Dragoon rif lIte Line, 1805 III 1803 thi. regiment' title was changed from y 'Dragoons to 'Line Dragoons' and on r 7 June [805 it was renamed' 1st Dragoons', th exi,ting [st Ligbt Dragoons became the ne\v 2nd and the olel 2nd was disbanded. Tile h lmet is distinctly of French pall'ro, but there i.

The 4th was a Dutch unit and wore Fj: Co/poral Belgian In/anl1y, 18/5 This NCO wears the British shako introduced into that army in 1812 and worn by Belgian infantry units during 1815, \vith its high front plate probably copied from the headgear worn by the Portuguese army in 1808. His wooden water canteen is also Bri tish pattern and would carry his regimental designation and number in white paint. While Britain provided much ofth quipment used, much lse came from appropriated French army stocks such as th(' sabre and ~dodel 1777 musket shown here.

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