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An in depth examine the uniforms and kit of the typical military and the militai regiments.Features the yank Indian Cavalry devices. greater than a hundred and fifty images. RAPIDили

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The Austrian Army 1740-80, Volume 1: Cavalry (Men-at-Arms, Volume 271)

Austria was once either an incredible player and one of many motives of hostilities within the wars of the mid-18th century. The demise of the Habsburg Emperor Charles VI in October 1740 set in movement the 1st of the foremost wars of the time. His inheritor used to be a daughter, Maria Theresa, who was once destined turn into one of many maximum figures within the background of the 18th century.

Rome's Enemies (1): Germanics and Dacians (Men-at-Arms, Volume 129)

Those lively northern 'barbarians' have been the destroyers of the Western Empire of Rome. It was once they who brought the coup de grâce to the demise colossus within the south, for that reason growing medieval Europe, the feudal method and chivalry. Their direct descendants have been the knights and men-at-arms.

Napoleon's Guard Infantry (Men-at-Arms, Volume 153)

Uniforms, background, apparatus and organization of Napoleon's Imperial protect Infantry with outstanding color plates.

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Men-at-Arms 400: Wellington's Peninsula Regiments The Light Infantry

The forces which Wellington led in Portugal and Spain and up into southern France among 1808 and 1814 accomplished a list of victory maybe unequalled within the background of the British military. between his infantry the regiments of the sunshine department have been self-consciously an Г©lite, educated to struggle with initiative and independence at the uncovered edges of the marching military.

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6 haversack to back up hiS sabre. as depicted heftI. Note the later pallem shako, which had a leather top and band and lapes to tJe under the wearer's chm In Windy weather. HIS Jacket. wmgs. sash, sword belt and sabre are al standard Light Infantry Items. F2: Private, 85th (Bucks Volunteers) Ughl Infantry ThiS sokller of the 8511'1 IS loading hiS musket. Note the marIQngs on hiS knapsack; the IntElflor of hiS cartndge pouch; and hiS light Infantry waIst belt. F3: Private, Calabrian Free Corps F4: Private, Italian levy A 'Light Brigade' was part of an Allied force operating in south-eastern Spain by 18t3.

He carnes the cane common to all infantry sergeants: until recently these had frequently been used to strike soldiers who were insubordinate or slow to learn. ThiS practice was eJlpressly forbidden by Colonel Mackenzie, who also discouraged profanity and sarcasm on the drill squam. 83: Private, 520d (Odordshlre) Light Infantry Beside the subaltern is a meruit, who has completed the 'nght about face', Note the fetlQue dress In whICh he anends drill; and the mamer In whICh hiS shako IS tilled over hiS nght eye, the mark of a 'Itght bob'.

Scarcely had it landed when it was caught up in ~Ioon:~'s retreat upon the port, and the battle to cO\'er the embarkation of the army. Moore had been colonel of the 51 Sl, who were boarding ships as he was being buried, Once more in England, the regiment received orders transforming it into a 'light infanlJ)" corps' in May 1809, but had linle time to exercise in the new role bdore being sent as part oran expeditinnall' force to thc Scheldl in August. The malarial marshes of Walcheren did more dalnage to the 51 Sl than ;,ny enemy thc)' faced 1here, and the recurring '\\'alcheren fever' continued for years al'1crwards to lay low the officers and men who had served there, 13>' OelOber 1809 lhe regiment was considered 'nt for sen'ice' once again, bllt it was to be jal1l1<111' 181l before the 51st began the journey to Portugal to join Wellingtoll's ;mlly.

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