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The Counterfeit Mistress (Fairbourne Quartet, Book 3)

The sweetness. THE undercover agent. AND THE BEHOLDER.
From the liked ny occasions bestselling Madeline Hunter comes this riveting old romance, within which a darkly handsome nobleman is decided to unmask a soft and mysterious younger good looks. ..

A refugee from the battle in France, Marielle Lyon has validated herself on the fringes of London society. Claiming to be the niece of an completed aristocrat, Marielle welcomes the gossip that she is a undercover agent. The extra eyes she has staring at her, the higher safe she is--and the higher probability she has of saving her father's life.
A warrior at heart, Gavin Norwood, Viscount Kendale, could nonetheless be in uniform if no longer for his older brother's premature loss of life. in spite of everything he's noticeable, Kendale doesn't belief the French--or their femmes fatales. He has organize a surveillance community to ferret out undercover brokers, and he believes he's stumbled on one within the gentle, mysterious Marielle.
Ready to pounce on his tempting prey, Kendale arranges a gathering with Marielle, who's extra attractive and extra crafty than he expected. however the Viscount is able to do no matter what it takes to unmask her--even if it ability taking part in a online game of seduction. ..

Dark Rider

An electrifying story of lethal and forbidden hope that sweeps from the unique islands of a tropical paradise to the tremendous estates of Regency England. Cassandra Deville's carefree lifestyles at the islands of Hawaii is shattered through the surprising arrival of a savagely seductive stranger. She's the foremost to Jared Daremount's plan to avenge his father, really just a pawn in his plans, yet as soon as she turns into his captive, Jared realizes she's a prize he can by no means quit.

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Norton-Norris's party telling all and sundry that, of all things, Ralph Schuyler was besotted with Clare Windham--which more than suited Ralph's book. "You will forgive us, Miss Windham, I'm sure, but the band has begun to play and Clare and I wish to make up for lost time. A tango, too. " Bowing goodbye to Angela and her staring escort, he swung Clare round and, stamping his feet and tossing his head, he danced her across the ballroom floor in a whirl of white-fringed skirts. Page 50 Marshall, Paula - An Affair Of Honour He had scarcely gone a few yards before Clare murmured, choking with laughter, "You took a real risk there, Ralph.

Green. More money, but about as narrow-minded. But she throws good parties. " Clare remembered that he was supposed to be half-Yankee himself. "Lord Longthorne will be there, too," added Ralph, 'giving credence to Nonno's wish to be a political hostess. " asked Clare, who no longer knew the nicknames that those in high society gave one another. She wondered what Ralph's was. "Mrs. Norton-Norris," replied Ralph with a sidelong glance at her as they reached his home where he was leaving the Bentley in its garage; the Norton-Norrises' palace being a short distance away at the other end of Park Lane.

The Captain, he never turned a hair. Instead he altered the plan of attack and went in on the blind side, if you get my meaning. He led us from the front and took the strong point--was badly wounded and sent home after saving everyone's bacon, including that of the fool who gave us the orders. Never saw him again. was promoted Sergeant for my part in it, and they said he was sent to another part of the front when he recovered. If he got a medal, ! never heard of it. " "Don't know, sir. But he was always a devious devil.

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