By Patricia Cabot

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The old woman raised her lorgnette to get a better look at Payton. “Well, there happened to be a bagatelle table in the inn—” “Of course,” the old lady said. “A bagatelle cue. How stupid of me. ” “Well, in any case, we managed to drive the galley rats away—well, except for that one Hudson killed—and then we ok Miss Whitby inside, because she was fainting. ” The old woman stared down at Payton with an inscrutable expression on her face. Her eyes, behind the lenses of the lorgnette, were a very bright blue, and seemed strangely familiar Payton, though she couldn't, for the life of her, think why.

Since he had an eagle's eye view of it, Hudson felt qualified to criticize. “When you were shavin' all our heads this past summer, Ross, why didn't you shave Payton's, too? “ “Why did you,” Ross countered, irritably, ”hire a cock inflicted with lice? ” Payton wrinkled her freckled nose. “What would I want with a switch? ” She shuddered. “No, thank you. I'm perfectly happy waiting until my own grows out again. “ Hudson snorted. “You love havin' your hair cropped short. Admit it. You're a lazy puss, and never liked combin' out those damned Indian braids you used to wear.

She didn't have a lot to show, but what was there was on rather prominent display. When she looked up again, she saw that Hudson had followed her gaze. “Yes, Pay,” he said. “I'd noticed you'd gotten a besom. ” “I don't know. “ Payton shook her head bewilderedly. “Last summer, I think. Somewhere between New Providence and the Keys. “ “I didn't notice you having any breasts when we were in Nassau,” Ross declared. The eldest child, it always irked him whenever Payton, the youngest, did anything without asking— such as grow, for instance.

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