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Angel & religion is a ongoing comedian booklet sequence from darkish Horse Comics, which maintains on from Angel & religion in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. The sequence is released below the Season Ten banner.

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Book of Secrets (Angry Robot)

It will TAKE greater than ANGELS AND DEMONS to forestall HIM. Reporter Spencer Finch is a journalist embroiled looking for a lacking ebook, encountering alongside the best way cat burglars and mobsters, hackers and mysterious priests. even as, he is attempting to make experience of the legacy left him by way of his past due grandfather, a chest of what seem to be pulp magazines from the golden age of delusion fiction.

From Black Rooms

Natalie Lindstrom has eventually left the underworld at the back of for a brand new occupation within the paintings global. yet there’s one global she can’t get away: the opposite international of the lifeless. As a former Violet, an elite crime-fighter with the ability to channel homicide sufferers, Natalie is now utilizing her paranormal reward to summon the spirits of mythical painters.

Chasing the Dime

The telephone messages anticipating Henry Pierce essentially usually are not for him: "Where is Lilly? this can be her quantity. it is at the website. " Pierce has simply moved right into a new residence, and he is been "chasing the dime"--doing all it takes so his corporation comes out first with a systematic step forward worthy thousands. yet he cannot get the messages for Lilly out of his head.

Dark Jenny

Alex Bledsoe’s novels that includes detective Eddie LaCrosse have drawn rave experiences for his or her inventive mixture of vintage delusion and hard-boiled detective fiction. Now with darkish Jenny, Bledsoe returns with an all-new story of intrigue and homicide. . . . For twenty-five gold items an afternoon, plus bills, Eddie LaCrosse will tackle so much any case.

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Carl Pancrit sighed as he watched Bartholomew Wax twitch in his death throes. "Don't think you can get away from me that easily," he muttered. 2 A Slave to the Masters NATALIE LINDSTROM COULD NOT HELP FEELING A STAB OF ENVY WHEN she arrived at Hector Espinoza's house in Laguna Beach. Working in the Corps's Art Division had made Hector rich enough to buy this white Art Deco palace by the sea, while she and her daughter and father al had to squeeze into a two-bedroom condo in Ful erton. Just be glad he's willing to see you, she reminded herself as she saw the sign beside the front door's buzzer.

Behind it crouched Sanjay Prashad's black Mitsubishi Eclipse. Of the three Corps Security agents assigned to intimidate Natalie with round-the-clock surveil ance, Prashad was the only one whose name she knew and the one who worried her the most. The others were paycheck drones who put in their eight hours and went home, but Prashad exhibited the enthusiasm of naked ambition, sitting behind the wheel of his car with the erect posture of a corporateladder climber toiling in his office. When he made eye contact with Amis, however, the agent waved and gave an ingratiating grin--a peon currying favor with the boss.

Several members of that family now hung before him in this vault. Munching a cracker spread with brie, Wax basked in the delicate glow of The Concert--one of only thirty-five Vermeers in existence. The artist's muted use of light gave a preternatural tranquil ity to the scene of a seventeenth-century Dutch family playing musical instruments; Wax could actual y hear the quiet harmony of the clavichord and guitar calming the frenzy of thoughts in his mind. Next to the Vermeer, Storm on the Sea of Galilee churned in an endless, frozen tempest.

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