By Hong Jeong

Hong Jeong joined the dep. of electric Engineering at POSTECH in January 1988, after graduating from the dep. of EECS at MIT. He has labored at Bell Labs, Murray Hill, New Jersey and has visited the dept of electric Engineering at USC. He has taught built-in classes, equivalent to multimedia algorithms, Verilog HDL layout, and popularity engineering, within the division of electric Engineering at POSTECH. he's drawn to illing within the gaps among machine imaginative and prescient algorithms and VLSI architectures, utilizing GPU and complicated HDL languages.

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A module is the region enclosed between the keywords module and endmodule that contains all of the Verilog constructs except compiler directives having a certain structure. ,port-name) //port declarations input declarations //port directions output declarations inout declarations //type declarations net declarations variable declarations parameter declarations //functions and tasks function declarations task declarations //execute once for TB initial begin instantiations end //procedural statements always begin procedural statements end endmodule //data and variable declarations //parameter declarations //function definition //task definition //one-time execution statements //instantiation of other modules //statements for a design Followed by the keyword, module is the module identifier and port list.

2) This equation represents the general operations in vision algorithms, including sequential operation, parallel operation, iterative operation, neighborhood operation, recursive computation, and various memory structures. 7(a). The state machine expresses how the state evolves and how the output is generated, as a function of time. e. memory, ports, and connection) is not explicitly defined. A state equation must clearly specify which place of the memory must be read in order for the state to be updated, and which place of the memory must be replaced by the updated values.

Verilog defines a set of unary, binary, and ternary operators. For bit-wise logic, ~, &, and | represent NOT, AND, and OR, respectively; ˆ and ~ˆ/ˆ~ represent XOR and XNOR, respectively. , &&, and || for NOT, Architectures for Computer Vision 20 AND, and OR, respectively. The reduction operators are unary operators, &, ~&, |, ~|, ˆ, and ~ˆ/ˆ~ representing AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, and XNOR, respectively. The arithmetic and shift operators are +, -, ~, *, /, %, and ** for add, subtract, 2’s complement, multiply, divide, modulus, and exponent, respectively.

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