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5, ad 5), and so forth. In general: "regarding this sacrament, the Church decides on [statuit] that which more expressly represents the passion of Christ" (III, q. 83, a. 3, ad 7). 27. lowe the felicitous phrase "present as he is represented" to Paul Gondreau. who attributes it to Father Gilles Emery, OP. 28. See. 12, exposi/o lex/us, §§268-9 (ed. MODS, p. 540), from which the following two quotaoons are taken. THE WHOLE MYSTERY OF OUR SALVATION PART IV It has often been noted that "representation" and the concepts that circle around it seem at best a weak way of upholding the conviction that the Eucharist itself is a sacrifice, indeed the very sacrifice of Christ.

8, ad 1; c£ q. 62, a. 1, ad 2), in this case a priest: the instrument has a causality, and thus an act or movement, of its own, yet these are wholly dependent On the primary agent. But for present purposes we can leave these questions aside. 50. 6, 6 (§ 961): "Auctor huius sacramenti' Christus est: nam licet sacerdos consecret, tamen ipse Christus dat virtutem Sacramento, quia etiam ipse sacerdos consecrat in persona Christi. '" Similarly In 1 Cor. 11, 5 (§ 657): "sacerdos, dum consecrat, non profert ista verba quasi ex persona sua sed quasi ex persona Christi consecrantis"'; see also III, q.

The blood consecrated separately explicitly [expresse] represents the passion of Christ;' and for this reason, Aquinas goes onto observe,express mention of Christ's Passion and its. saving fruits comes in the words for the consecration of the blood rather than those for the body (III, q. 78, a. 3, ad 2; c£ ad 1, ad 7). Eucharistic concomitance, he takes ·care to note; is no obstacle to the representative significance of the double con~ecration. Though the whole Christ is present under each species, the double consecration is not a waste of time.

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