Flashes of lightning, resounding thunder, gloomy fog, significant sunshine…these are the existence manifestations of the skies. The concrete visceral stories that residing less than these skies stir inside us are the floor for person impulses, feelings, sentiments that during their interplay generate their very own ever-changing clouds. whereas our mind concentrates at the discovery of our cosmic place, at the structure of the universe, our mind's eye is educated via the gloomy vapors, the glimmers of fleeting mild, and the honor of the skies. Reconnoitering from the soil of human lifestyles and striving in the direction of the endless, the elan of mind's eye will get stuck up within the clouds of the skies. There in that dimness, sensory receptivity, tendencies, feelings, passionate strivings, yearnings, elevations assemble and propagate. From the “Passions of the Skies” spring innermost intuitions that nourish literature and the arts.​

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All the unseen dimensions are components in a greater stranger hidden reality. Parents constitute an anchor, passing on to their children grounding manners for understanding reality, mainly perceived by the child through imitation. In retrospective is a structure of representation onto a pure experience engulfed in its S K I E S PA S S I O N S 33 subjectivity. An infant has not achieved the capacity to experience a complex world or many of the relations that will constitute it. Generally one refers to infancy as pure experience; referring back to itself, left to its own modalities while the child is not able to fully integrate himself in a community.

The relationship between humanity and the skies points to a metaphysical indeterminacy of that which exits to that in which belongs which takes us a step further finding validity and understanding in existence, expanding one’s relation to others, the world and furthermore; the cosmos. Human life exists in an unbounded realm, an immeasurable quantitative vastness with unlimited dynamics of interpretations forming the rationality for existence; likewise as the skies, metaphysical indeterminacy of being is an endless passion.

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