By Laurence A. Tepolt

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If you are completely new to programming, this book is unlikely to be useful on its own. Nonetheless, it assumes little or no knowledge of Delphi specifically: taking an integrated approach, it tackles features that are new and not so new, basic and not so basic. In the process, it will describe in detail the nuts and bolts useful for almost any application you may come to write in Delphi. About the Kindle edition of Delphi XE2 Foundations Delphi XE2 Foundations is available in both printed and eBook versions.

In that case, the package’s DCU files must be in a directory located on the IDE’s library path. If they are not, confusing ‘cannot find unit’ compiler errors will result for components that nevertheless work fine in the form designer. If a runtime package is dynamically loaded at runtime however, only the BPL is needed. SysUtils. If the package can’t be loaded, an EPackageError exception is raised, otherwise all the initialisation sections (if any) of the package’s units are run and a numeric handle to the package is returned.

Using the Object Inspector, first change the form’s name to frmMain. , Left, Top, Right and Bottom) to 6, and its Name property to just TabControl. Right click the tab control and select Add Item; change the Text property of the new tab to Available Plugins, then add to the tab a TListBox. After making sure the list box is actually parented to the tab rather than the form, set its Align property to alClient, its DisableFocusEffect and ShowCheckboxes properties to True, and its Name property to lsbPlugins.

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