By Swami Sivananda

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Half a dozen periodicals are published at the Ashram in English and Hindi for circulation through the world. The Ashram is now in a position to maintain about 400 persons, learned and cultured scholars, Mahatmas, Yogins, devotees, poor people and the sick, not to mention the school students of the neighbouring villages. A Centre of Dynamic Spiritual Regeneration Many foreigners come to the Ashram and spend some weeks or months and admire the wonderful work turned out at the Ashram. The inhabitants of Shivanandanagar, young and old, men and women, enjoy the peace and bliss of this Holy Centre and help the world in a variety of ways.

I trained the aspirants in a variety of ways. They all specialised in chanting the Mantras of the scriptures, conducting Kirtans, delivering short lectures. I asked one student to put questions and others to answer them. In the evening class, I introduced Likhita-Japa and in the early morning, Trataka and other Yoga exercises. During the day, they should all prepare essays on Yoga and philosophy and write about their own experiences. Even today when school boys and young children come to the Ashram, I teach them a few short sentences in English and ask them to deliver a powerful lecture.

In Sitapur during my visit in 1934, I started a Medical Relief Campaign. In Andhra Districts, during my tour, I visited many villages and gave medicine to the poor village people. Sri Swami Omkarji and Sister Sushila (Sri Ellan St. Clair Nowald) accompanied me. Unfailing Inspiration During intense work, I used to relax through Japa, meditation, deep breathing exercises, Bhastrika Pranayama, and Kirtan; and that energised and galvanised me. I conducted Nagar Kirtans and Prabhat Pheri in many places.

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