By George A. Boyd

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The curves show the results for the following three sets of experimental conditions. A. 1 Mev energy. As the energy in­ creased, more of the emulsion was penetrated and more grains per par­ ticle were made developable. 3. 1 Mev, the electrons penetrated the first layer. There was a decrease in photographic effect, however, as the energy was further increased since the more effective low-energy ends of the electron paths were in the cellulose ester base. The now higher energy—and, conse­ quently, lower rate of ionizing—portion of the electron paths in the first emulsion layer produced less photographic effect.

The other 58 THEORY light-sensitive plates and films in the group, films 15 through 18, do not compete in sensitivity with the X-ray film and the spectroscopic plates. E. E F F E C T OF EMULSION T H I C K N E S S ON SENSITIVITY When the emulsion thickness is increased, a beta particles are required to produce a required the sensitivity increases. This is illustrated in Fig. shown for four Kodak X-ray emulsions: K, Type A, Type A; and M, Type M. , 21. PARTICLES HITTING I CM 2 FIG. 2L Curves showing the effect of thickness of emulsion on response to dis­ integrations of iodine-131.

It has been shown that the presence of water, or water and oxygen, will produce fading. The water and oxygen in some way remove some of the silver atoms from the latent image and thus the potential de­ creases with time. 0 FIG. 14. Curves showing the effect of development of NTB emulsions in D-19. The figures on each curve indicate the number of minutes of develop­ ment at 20° C. For any constant exposure to iodine-131, the photographic density increases with time of development. ] lost before the grain falls below the threshold of developability.

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