By Anne Herries

Her hand in marriage traded in a online game of playing cards, blameless Lottie is totally out of her intensity engaged to a consummate bachelor Lord Rothsay. not just is a prolific womanizer, he is additionally a ruthless streak, leaving Lottie nervous approximately revealing that she is not the lady he'd agreed to marry!

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He would not be rude to her in front of her father, but when they were alone, he would ask her what game she was playing. Clarice was so right! Lottie’s hands curled into tight balls at her sides. What a rude, arrogant, cold, beastly man he was! She would have liked to give him a set down, for he had no reason to be so insufferably condescending. Papa had, it was true, lost more money than he could afford, but Rothsay could have insisted on being paid. He had accepted Papa’s offer of his own free will.

What would happen if she changed her mind and withdrew at the last moment? Oh, fiddlesticks! He was an impossible man and she was being torn two ways. A part of her wanted to run away while she still had the chance—yet in her head a small secret voice wanted to make a fight of it. Rothsay was rude and arrogant. It would give her some satisfaction to prick his pride if she could. Lottie changed out of her travelling gown, which was fairly new, into one of the more comfortable dresses she wore at home when walking to the village or the vicarage.

I should be happy to provide you with a suitable mount,’ Sir Bertie said. ‘My mother occasionally rides and I keep a horse for her—but I have another I believe might suit you. ’ ‘That is extremely generous of you, sir. ’ ‘I dare say we have a horse that may suit you,’ the marquis said, his tone sharp, causing her to turn her head and look at him once more. ‘Your offer was well intended, Bertie, but I assure you I shall see that my bride has all she needs. ’ ‘Certainly. ’ Lottie wondered if she imagined it, but she felt a slight squeeze of her arm and Sir Bertie’s eyelid flickered.

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