By C.L. Wadhwa

Simple electric Engineering Has Been Written As A center direction For All Engineering scholars Viz. Electronics And communique Engineering, machine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and so forth. due to the fact that This direction Will commonly Be provided on the First 12 months point Of Engineering, the writer Has Made Modest attempt to provide In A Concise shape, a number of good points Of uncomplicated electric Engineering utilizing easy Language and during Solved Examples, keeping off The Rigorous Of Mathematics.The Salient gains Of The e-book Are:
* regular nation research Of A.C. Circuits defined.
* community Theorems defined utilizing ordinary Examples.
* research Of 3-Phase Circuits And size Of strength In those Circuits defined.
* Measuring tools Like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter and effort Meter defined.
* a variety of electric Machines Viz. Transformers, D.C. Machines, unmarried part and 3 part Induction automobiles, Synchronous Machines, Servomotors were defined.
* a quick View Of strength method together with traditional And Non-Conventional providers of electrical strength Is Given.
* family Wiring Has Been mentioned.
* quite a few Solved Examples And perform difficulties For Thorough snatch Of the topic awarded.
* numerous a number of selection Questions With solutions Given.

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1 9 2n 1 1 v -=- 7Q 7 1 n i1 7 i2 Fig. 1 9 3Q 2 n 7 -=- 1 3 v i3 Solution. Since there are three loops, three independent loop equations are required to solve the network. Suppose the directions of currents are as shown in Fig. Ei. 19. Writing equa­ tions for the three loops 2i 1 + l(i 1 - i ) = 1 1 Loop I ... (1) i2 = 1 1 7 + 2(i2 - 3) + (i2 - i1) 1 = 0 Loop II or ... (2) - il l0i2 - 2 3 = 0 Loop III 3i3 + 2(i3 - i2) = 13 ... (3) - 2i2 + 5i3 = 13 i2 i 3il - + 2 i 22 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING In matrix form the equations can be written as = Hence

2 1 . Two coils of 1250 and 140 turns respectively are wound on a common iron magnetic circuit of reluctance 1 60000 units. Determine the mutual inductance. Neglect leakage flux [Note: M = Ni ;zK , Take k = ] 1 [Ans. 1 . 22. Two coils having 30 and 600 turns respectively are wound side by side on a closed iron circuit of section 100 cm2 and mean length 150 ems. (a) Determine the mutual inductance between the coils if the permeability of iron is 2000. (b) A current in the first coil increases uniformly from zero to 1 0 A in 10 m/sec, determine the emf [Ans.

Hence, during one cycle of variation of current i (Hence H) there is a net energy flow from the source to the coil core assembly. The energy difference goes to heat the core. The loss of power in the core due to hysteresis effect is known as hysteresis loss. It can be shown that the area of the hyster­ eses loop is proportional to the hysteresis loss. 28) 40 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING or W= f N ddt i dt = B . 29) d HZ i=N where l is the length of the magnetic path and A the area of cross-section.

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