By Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Beauty fulfils human life. because it registers in our aesthetic adventure, good looks complements nature’s appeal round us and our inward event lifting our soul towards ethical elevation. This selection of art-explorations seeks the basic ties of the Human situation. It endeavors to give an explanation for the relation of good looks and human lifestyles, and explores some of the facets of beauty.

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This is not a concern that is necessarily selfish, nor is it necessarily a concern that places one’s being above the rest of the world, but rather it asserts that each being’s own being is its natural starting point and framework, and that in everyday affairs concern for one’s being informs how those affairs play out. Thus this concern permeates and colors all other human inquiry and finds its home in everything we touch. In what way is this concern? ” We are ontologically and experientially thrown headlong into the world, and in some form or another, spend the rest of our days addressing the question of why this is so.

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While engaging in an object of beauty I find within it an embodied memory, an externalized manifestation of a lived experience; this is why it resonates so deeply within me. To be confronted with a beautiful object is to be confronted with a thing in which an element of our lived experience is articulated, thusly affirmed. In this moment we see in an object of the world, our self, and the distinctions between subject and world become unhinged. To say that an object is beautiful is a call that issues forth to the other, which demands that one’s authentically validated lived experience via the object in question be recognized by the other as such.

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