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Published by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

Species within the genera Hyarachna, Echinozone, Pseudarachna, and Aspidarachna, all within the relations Hyarachnidae, are reviewed and severely mentioned. A key to genera is gifted besides a desk of the species in each one genus from antarctic waters. The genus Echinozone is redefined on new specimens from Anvers Island. A precis of every species in Echinozone is integrated, and the genus is redefined. Pseudarachna is in short mentioned, and a moment species is extra to the genus. within the relations Janiridae, Notasellus and Austrofilius are introduced out of synonymy at the foundation of specimens from Anvers Island, and the species of Iathrippa and Neojaera are mentioned with a severe evaluate of every species. The genera Nostasellus and Austrofilius are redefined. Ectias is redefined on specimens of the kind species from Anvers Island, and a species from South Africa is extra to the genus. Maps of the distribution of some of the species are incorporated.


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Olsoni n. sp. 0. damkaeri n. sp. 0. parila n. sp. 0. prolata n. sp. 0. walleni n. sp. 0. curvata Giesbrecht 0. setosa n. sp. 0. macilenta n. sp. 0. pumilis n. sp. 0. petila n. sp. 0. rotunda n. sp. 0. englishi n. sp. Epicalymma schmitti n. , n. sp. 2£. umbonata n. sp. Conaea rapax Giesbrecht C. sue cur va n. sp. C. hispida n. sp. 1817 M 106 14 F 1824 M 343 3 1919 F M 38 9 1 10 60 15 15 31 11 11 2 3 32 2 66 80 12 103 12 1 12 9 3 36 15 17 1920 F M 54 45 6 2 3 1 8 F M 8 1 1 1 20 37 18 2 3 5 3 1 1 49 20 107 1 9 1 2 4 4 42 50 8 5 2 These projections are incompletely sclerotized at the terminal or subterminal region of a number of species.

17-22. 1914b Contributions to the crustacean fauna of South Africa. 3. Additions to the marine Isopoda, with notes on some previously incompletely known species. Ann. S. Afr. , 10: 325a~442, pis. 27-38. 1920 Contributions to the crustacean fauna of South Africa. 6. Further additions to the list of marine Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series 34 Biology of the Antarctic Seas VI Vol. 26 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS VI Isopoda. Ann. S. Afr. , 27(11): 319-438, pis. 15-17. 1925 Contributions to the crustacean fauna of South Africa.

26 33 SCHULTZ: ANTARCTIC ASELLOTE ISOPODA Fig. 12. Ectias turqueti Richardson, 1906a. A, maxilliped; B, maxilla 2; C~E, pleopods 3, 4, and 5, respectively; F, male peraeopod II; G, male peraeopod VII; H, female peraeopod II; I, peraeopod I. species from South Africa was noted. In addition to the similarity in general body form, the general configuration of and the length of the preapical angles on the male pleopod 1 were remarkably alike in the two species. The species based on a male 5 mm long is from Buffelsbaai (Buffel's Bay) in Valsbaai (False Bay) and was taken at low tide, and so it apparently inhabits the intertidal zone.

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