By Dr C. A. Smith, Dr E. J. Wood (auth.)

This short and available advent to the biosynthesis of molecules of organic value is geared in the direction of aiding non-specialist scholars comprehend and practice biochemical principles throughout the liberal addition of examples, purposes, workouts and questions through the textual content.

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T:===> Small su bunit mRNA ! 11 Synthesis and assembly of Rubisco. To produce the catalytically active enzyme within the chloroplast stroma requires the synthesis of small and large carboxylase subunits in the cytosolic and the chloroplast stroma respectively. I Photosynthesis 37 I in of the small subunits from the cytosol, the two types of subunits are then correctly assembled by a binding protein (BP), which is itself made in the cytosol and transferred into the chloroplast (Fig. 11). The assembly reaction requires the hydrolysis of ATP and the presence of Mg2+ .

035% CO 2 has been found to raise crop yield substantially. Photorespiration: is generally regarded as 'wasteful'. It occurs when Rubisco picks up O2 instead of CO2 and produces glycolate. E. A. (1988) Enzymic Regulation of Photosynthetic CO2 Fixation in C3 Plants. Annual Review of Plant Physiology 39,533-94. 2 Species variation in C0 2 /0 2 specificity ratio for Rubisco Green algae C3 Plants C4 Plants Source of Rubisco Specificity ratio Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Scenedesmus obliquus Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) Spinacea oleracea (spinach) Lolium perenne (rye grass) Zea mays (maize) Sorghum bicolor (sorghum) 62 77 80 80 78 61 70 Following the splitting of ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate, the 2-phosphoglycollate is first converted to glycollate via the action of phosphoglycollate phosphatase.

Fossil fuels only formed if the organic matter was buried before micro-organisms oxidized it. Geological forces then acted on the buried matter resulting in compaction. heating and the promotion of chemical reactions. This resulted in a loss of oxygen and other elements to leave. in the case of oil and natural gas. a material composed almost solely of hydrocarbons. and. with regard to coal. one almost pure carbon. Most geologically-stored organic matter occurs in a dilute form in sedimentary rocks and is found concentrated in commercially exploitable amounts only in certain conditions .

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