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Wildest Sexiest most unearthly Sleaziest motion pictures! Mad medical professionals! Sadistic scientist! Psychopathic artists! Aesthetes of homicide! Damsels in misery! Eccentric creditors! Delirious vampires!
Surrealism, sadism and eroticism in a variety of cultish surprising horror video clips of the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties with an strange appeal: El monstruo resucitado (The Resurrected Monster), Blood of the Vampire, Horrors of the Black Museum, Circus of Horrors, Peeping Tom, Ein Toter hing im Netz (Horrors of Spider Island), Il mulino delle donne di pietra (Mill of the Stone Women), El mundo de los vampiros (The global of the Vampires), Gritos en los angeles noche (The lousy Dr. Orlof). From Robert S. Baker & Monty Berman to Michael Powell, from Chano Urueta to Alfonso Corona Blake, from Giorgio Ferroni to Jess Franco, from Miroslava Stern to Barbara Shelley, from Pamela eco-friendly to Barbara Valentin...
Moreover: Ensayo de un crimen (The felony lifetime of Archibaldo de l. a. Cruz), Jack the Ripper, The Flesh and the Fiends, Die Nackte und der devil (The Head), El vampiro (The Vampire), Les Yeux sans visage (Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus).

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Avrebbe ispirato Don Sharp pe r l'incipit del Mistem del castello (Kiss o( rhe Vampire). una produzione Hammer del 1963. Quind i si suceedono nu merose scene scioccanti. senza dare tregua a llo spcttatore: una sord ida bettola dove l'apparizio ne improvvisa di uno storpio orrendo melle repeminamente tine a lia baldo ria : un mulino si ni stro dove il servitore gobbo truc ida un medico illegale. dimostratosi troppo esigcnte dopo aver compiuto un ·au dace operazione chirurgica: immo ndi esperimenti.

By Terence Fisher. Hammer Films became famous for a long series of terror movies. whose golden age can easil y be placed in the years between 1958 and 1960. with suc h outstanding Fisher-helmed works as The Revenge of Frankenstein ( 1958). The Mummy ( 1959). The Tim Faces of Dr. Jekyll ( 1960). The Curse of the Werewolf ( 1961 ). including the best Dracula outings ever. Dracula ( 1958) and Brides of Dracula ( 1960). Othe r English producers took advantage of this revival of te rro r movies to propose several fi lms in the same vein.

Blood of the Vampire e una sontuosa s infonia in rosso. oro e nero dove il rosso de l sangue e del vetro di Murano si mescola al nero degli abiti e dei tendaggi. [... ] Peeping Tom, Blood of the Vampire. Horrors of the Black Museum sono cento volte superiori non solo al fa moso Vampyr di Dreyer, che figura in tutte Je storie del cine ma e viene proiettato regolar- me nte nei cine club, rna anche a tanti film tenuti in grande conside razione da un pubblico che ignora tutto del cinema fantastique».

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