By Rosemary Rogers

The illegitimate daughter of the Russian czar, Leonida arrives on the property of Stefan, the Duke of Huntley, with secrets…and a challenge. trying to find covert records sequestered in Stefan's substantial library, she is the best guest—and the correct spy.Fascinated by way of her wonderful good looks and her exciting air of secrecy, Stefan attracts in detail closer…and Leonida, sure by way of responsibility to her family members and state, reveals herself completely captivated. but as probability and hope meet in a tangled net of espionage and deceit, the 2 will face a call that may be made in basic terms by way of love itself.

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She demanded, her glare at odds with the rapid pulse beating at the base of her throat. Miss Karkoff might pretend indifference, but she desired him. Her words could lie, but not her body. ” Dipping his head, Stefan buried his face in the curve of her neck. ” She shuddered, her hands lifting to clutch at his shoulders. ” He pulled back to regard her with a grim determination, his fingers easily dealing with the ribbons that held her chip bonnet tied beneath her chin. ” She made a sound of annoyance as he casually tossed the hat onto the flagstone floor.

This might be the perfect opportunity to discover the letters, but she was wise enough to sense that she was walking directly into a trap. Unlike most aristocrats, the Duke of Huntley was no fool. If he allowed a woman he did not trust into his home, then it was only because he had his own devious plot in mind. Leonida could only hope that she was clever enough to outwit him. She shivered despite the heat in the room, then with a tilt of her chin, she forced herself to thrust aside her cowardly thoughts and begin a thorough search of the armoire.

A canopied bed draped in cream satin was set in the center of a Persian rug and above the ceiling was painted a blue sky with tiny cherubs. Across the room, a large armoire was situated next to a bay window that overlooked the ornamental lake. A lake. So…her rooms must be set near the Duchess’s, she realized, unconsciously licking her dry lips. Yet another stroke of fortune. Oddly, Leonida did not feel particularly fortunate. She had spent last night tossing and turning after her impetuous suggestion that she and Brianna come to stay at Meadowland.

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