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Osprey's learn of British troops sooner than and through the Anglo-Zulu warfare (1879). On four March, 1878 at King William's city, British Kaffraria, Gen. Sir Arthur Cunnynghame passed over preferrred command of the British forces in southern Africa to his successor, Lt. Gen. Sir Frederic Thesiger. The excessive Commissioner, Sir Henry Bartle Frere, was once confident that one technique to the complicated difficulties which beset the zone used to be to overthrow the final strong self reliant black state bordering British possessions – the Zulu state of King Cetshwayo KaMapande. despite the fact that Cetshwayo had remained at the political protecting. This booklet descirbes the uniforms and kit of the forces that Thesiger led around the border to salary struggle in Zululand.

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Regiments known to have received flags after 1813 were Pernov on 13 April 1813 (new flags issued when it became a Guard regiment); Kaluga on 27 March 1814; Okhotsk and Kamchatka on 3 May 1814; Riazski on 30 August 1814; and Tambov in 1815. Only coloured flags were issued to these regiments; all flags had green crosses with white corners and all were Colours ofSt George. From 17 August 1814 there was now officially only one flag per battalion, but it is unlikely the regiments with old flags and two per battalion surrendered their surplus within the period covered by this book, although the white flags were probably all recalled, being abolished from the same date.

These vexilla were carried throughout the 1804-15 period. The Regiment de la Garde il Cheval initially carried one white and nine coloured standards issued in 1799. These were of similar appearance and size to the 1800 Line Cavalry pattern, but had inscriptions in the border instead of branches: see Plate G3. New standards were issued on 28 September 1807, one white and five coloured of the 1803 Line pattern, but again with an inscription (GOD WITH us) in the border in place of the branches. Beneath 41.

Green 15/ 11 / 1798 A green C «d C pink/I. blue Narva A '5/4/'798 '5/9/' 798 green/brown turquoisel pink C green A yellow/blue A Nijegorod 22/9/'798 pink A A C grey coffee/yellow white C C A yellow/coffee Arkangelogorod Moocow Mourom A green/pink Apsheron d. brownJ 1. grecnJred A B brown/pink While Flag Corntrs Nachebourg green/pink B Regiment Neva black/green C C Briansk Issued Polotsk C A d. brown/pink 30 / 10 / 1798 Pskov C C I. green/pink 5/7/' 798 Revel C A pink/green Rostov C A I. green/black C C A green/pink green pink 1/2/1799 RiaJsk C A green/ Bielosersk A I.

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