By Christos N. Gage

What must have been an easy exorcism becomes a catastrophe for Buffy and the Scoobies while, rather than horrors, a demon fights again with completely happy early life fantasies!

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ONE Julia Bateman couldn’t help herself. She stole another glance. The object of her curiosity was Thaddeus Maldeaux. He sat across the table from her, down one seat. He was more striking in person than he was in the photographs published by the newspapers and magazines. She was not usually awed by celebrity or overwhelmed by the presence of another human being. It was a feeling that – at the moment – caused her discomfort. David Seidman sat on her left chatting with matriarch Helen Maldeaux. Helen, most people in San Francisco knew, controlled the family who controlled large chunks of the nation’s banks and investment institutions and media, not to mention a few powerful politicians, many of whom had already passed by the table and engaged her in flattering conversation.

I know too. I don’t feel good about this part of it. ’ ‘You’re not. You’ve let me know where I stand. I’m leading me on. And I’ve been damn good at keeping me dangling. ’ ‘Because I like you. I enjoy being with you. ’ ‘Mmmn hmmn. Comfortable. ’ Several times, she reminded herself. Was she leading him on? Was she being prudish? No, she didn’t want him as a lover. And at this point in her life, she didn’t want to have sex with someone unless it was a lover. Not out of prudery. She wasn’t a virgin.

The door to Julia Bateman’s Miata opened with such suddenness that it jolted her. But it was merely an interruption of bland thought by a smiling, always energetic, teasing Paul Chang. ‘Hi toots,’ he said to his boss. ’ she said. ‘You scared the hell out of me. ’ ‘I couldn’t sleep. Bradley stayed over. I don’t know. By morning, I was ready to throw him out of bed, out of my apartment and out of my life. ’ ‘Who knows? ’ He smiled. ‘No I don’t know how blonds are or how anyone is. He must have something.

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