By Christos N. Gage, Nicholas Brendon

As Spike and Xander bond—while additionally heavily getting on every one other's nerves—they are tempted to begin writing a few ideas in their personal within the e-book of magical laws... referring to Buffy and sunrise!

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No, but I applaud the courage and determination of our soldiers,” he said unconvincingly. “Yes, slaughtering people who are asleep is brave. ” “They’re hiding, getting ready,” he said, his eyelids flickering furiously. ” Dahlia asked. Melponeus, who’d been looking at the screen of one of the office computers, said, “I think I may have the membership list,” at nearly the same moment as Taffy pulled a large file out of the filing cabinet. “Here’s a list of the properties they lease or own,” Taffy said, as Melponeus began downloading the list.

Dahlia lay across the maid’s body, gathering strength for the climb up through the rubble. For a black moment, her normal confidence wavered, and she wasn’t sure she could manage it. ” called a hoarse voice from above. “This is Captain Ted Fortescue, Rhodes Fire Department! ” She thought about remaining silent. Then she bit her lip. Dahlia was very proud, but she was also a survivor of no mean skill. “I’m here,” Dahlia called up out of the darkness. ” “Vampire,” she said defiantly, even though she feared he’d leave her where she was when he found out she wasn’t a breather.

You think this will discourage people from helping vampires? Make them want to join your stupid Fellowship? ” “We have a new goal,” Dahlia said. “We deposit these losers with the police. We go to the places they’re going to attack. ” Up the stairs they swarmed, to be met by media galore. The police knew a good photo op, too. As soon as possible, Dahlia and her nest mates faded away into the shadows. The others had their own assignments, but Dahlia herself ran full tilt toward the corner of Almond and Lincoln.

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