By C M Fisher; Alan Lovell

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Ethics for CPAs: Meeting Expectations in Challenging Times

Present, finished guidance to moral laws for accounting pros A handful of high-profile accounting misdeeds at Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, etc have left the complete accounting career scrambling to say its validity and negotiate a flurry of recent laws.

Accounting and Business Ethics: An Introduction

Regardless of the large influence of various accounting scandals on the accounting occupation, the final malaise among the occupation extra greatly, and the numerous legislative and institutional reforms that experience taken position therefore, there are nonetheless strangely few textbooks on accounting ethics.

An Integral Approach to Development Economics: Islamic Finance in an African Context

Constructing economies akin to these in sub-Saharan Africa are trying to find sensible fiscal coverage prescriptions. regardless of financial progress in nations like Nigeria, poverty and unemployment blight the lives of many, in the course of lots. at the same time, a lot neo-classical monetary notion is being puzzled opposed to the backdrop of worldwide monetary meltdown, giving upward push to inquiry approximately extra essential methods to sustainable improvement.

Spirituality and Sustainability: New Horizons and Exemplary Approaches

This booklet goals to check sustainability and spirituality philosophically with ethics because the balancing strength. The target is to bare the $64000 intersection among sustainability and spirituality by utilizing spirituality because the invisible guiding hand within the quest for sustainability. The editors and participants learn previous social and economics dilemmas from a brand new point of view that allows you to supply substitute ways to financial and social improvement.

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Both wanted the railway job: allegedly it is a rich source of kickbacks. In a speech to a political rally in Patna, the capital of Bihar, Laloo said ‘Lots of money was made in that time [when Paswan had the portfolio]. I will make all those files that show corruption public. ’ The farcical elements are that the pot is calling the kettle black; that a government department has had files proving alleged corruption for ten years but has not taken any action; and that a politician has claimed the moral high ground by the unethical practice of revealing confidential official papers in an attempt to gain a political advantage over a rival.

The attachment of modern-day libertarian-economists to a myopic focus upon competition can be criticised for ignoring two other significant elements of economic systems, which are: • Command (the extent to which power, coercion and hierarchy affect economic relationships), and • Change (the way that capitalism effects change and is itself affected by change). These three central elements of capitalism, competition, command and change have ethical and moral implications and it is argued here that they are interconnected, not subject to easy and simplistic separation.

If a company can be shown though its risk management procedures to have taken every reasonable precaution to identify a potential malpractice or problem and to do what is reasonable to prevent it, then, even if the problem or malpractice happens and damages others, the company will have a legal defence. So, unfortunately (fortunately for text book writers for if otherwise we would have to close the book at this point), it is not clear that there is a business case for business ethics, although on the defensive principle there is one for managing the financial risk of unethical or improper organisational behaviour.

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