By Amber Benson

Calliope Reaper-Jones is Death's Daughter. She owes a debt to Cerberus, the 3 headed puppy that guards the gate's of hell-a debt that includes a visit to Purgatory, Las Vegas, historical Egypt, and a chit division shop that's extra scary than any supernatural creature she'll ever encounter.

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For example, in the biblical book of Revelation, the prophet John talks about a new age of man that will last for onethousand years after which the devil will be set free and once again attempt to corrupt the human race. We must remember that before the fifteenth century a thousand years seemed like a very long span of time; no one thought of time in terms of millions. The idea of millions of years was something that these people of long ago could not fathom, since the common belief was that God created the earth only six thousand years earlier.

The name "Azazel" means "God strengthens" and this angel may have originally been a Semitic god of shepherd's flocks who became demonized as Abrahamic religions flourished. Azazel is associated with the ritual of scapegoating as an expiation of sin, as described in Leviticus 16. In verse nine, God tells Moses that his brother Aaron shall take two goats and sacrifice them: one is to the Lord for sin and the second is for Azazel, to be presented live for atonement, and then sent into the wilderness supposedly to the demon.

When people looked up at the sky, they saw celestial objects rising in the east and setting in the west, and there was no sense of motion (rotation) on terra firma. The geocentric (or "earth-centered") theory was the logical train of thought explaining this movement because it was supported by visual observations made daily and nightly. These Renaissance-era scientists made the mistake of arriving at their conclusions about movements on the celestial sphere based only on their sense of sight, not a very good tool for judging reality.

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