By Chang Lu

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Chapter 1 starting place, present prestige, and destiny views of Chemical Cytometry (pages 1–19): Norman J. Dovichi
Chapter 2 Metabolic Cytometry – The learn of Glycosphingolipid Metabolism in unmarried basic Cells of the Dorsal Root Ganglia (pages 21–30): Colin D. Whitmore, Jillian Prendergast, David Essaka, Ole Hindgaul, Monica P. Palcic, Ronald L. Schnaar and Norman J. Dovichi
Chapter three cellphone Signaling Studied on the Single?Cell point (pages 31–54): Angela Proctor, Shan Yang, Sumith Kottegoda, Michael Brenner, Ryan M. Phillips, Christopher E. Sims and Nancy L. Allbritton
Chapter four Ultrasensitive Detection of Low?Copy?Number Molecules from unmarried Cells (pages 55–73): Kangning Ren and Hongkai Wu
Chapter five Capillary Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids on the Single?Cell point (pages 75–91): Ni Li and Wenwan Zhong
Chapter 6 Microfluidic know-how for Single?Cell research (pages 93–106): Yan Chen and Jiang F. Zhong
Chapter 7 On?Chip Electroporation and Electrofusion for Single?Cell Engineering (pages 107–124): Ana Valero and Albert van den Berg
Chapter eight Electroporative circulation Cytometry for Single?Cell research (pages 125–142): Prof. Chang Lu, Jun Wang, Ning Bao and Hsiang?Yu Wang
Chapter nine Ultrasensitive research of person Cells through Droplet Microfluidics (pages 143–157): Robert M. Lorenz and Daniel T. Chiu
Chapter 10 Probing Exocytosis at unmarried Cells utilizing Electrochemistry (pages 159–174): Yan Dong, Michael L. Heien, Michael E. Kurczy and Andrew G. Ewing
Chapter eleven Electrochemical choice of Enzyme job in unmarried Cells (pages 175–195): Wenrui Jin
Chapter 12 Single?Cell Mass Spectrometry (pages 197–218): Ann M. Knolhoff, Stanislaw S. Rubakhin and Jonathan V. Sweedler
Chapter thirteen Optical Sensing Arrays for Single?Cell research (pages 219–237): Ragnhild D. Whitaker and David R. Walt

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3 Uptake of Fluorescent GM1 Fluorescent GM1 was complexed to defatted bovine serum albumin in 1 : 1 ratio using a procedure adapted from Pagano [12]. The plated neurons were grown in this media for 24 h. 5 mg ml−1 trypsin, 1 mM EDTA; Invitrogen). After 5 min at 37 ◦ C, cells were gently triturated from the culture surface and transferred to a glass tube. 5 mg ml−1 ; Sigma–Aldrich) was added, the cells collected by centrifugation, and washed repeatedly with PBS. Finally, the cell pellet was lysed by addition of 1% SDS in PBS and the lysate was kept frozen until analysis.

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