Well-known individuals tackle matters in regards to the toxicity of aluminum which motives an encephalopathy in renal dialysis sufferers and is additionally recognized to wreck animals and crops through acid rain. Examines the chemistry and biology of aluminum compounds concentrating on the facts for and opposed to aluminum's position in Alzheimer's illness.


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The whole bioavailability problem in terms of A1 used as a flocculant by the water companies is open to question. There is A1 bound to organic matter; if you look at the A1 in the raw water, it does appear, 40 Discussion by chemical techniques such as fast oxime extraction or dialysis, that the A1 is in a form which is less chemically labile and of higher molecular weight than that present after treatment. It is the form of A1 in the water before and after treatment that is important, but at present we have not actually investigated what this means for bioavailability in a biological system.

Petersen: Dr Martin, you mentioned that A13+ has a much smaller radius than Caz+, about the same as that of Mg2+,and therefore would be expected to have binding properties rather more like those of Mg2+than those of Ca2+. You also mentioned the chelator, EDTA, which binds both Mg2+ and A13+. According to your hypothesis, one would expect that EGTA should have no higher affinity for A13+ than EDTA, whereas it has a much higher affinity for Ca2+ Is this the case? Martin: EGTA exhibits a marginally higher stability constant than EDTA for Ca2+.

This is of great interest, because one of the deficiences of Al studies is the lack of a proper marker. There are a whole series Dietary sources of aluminium 41 of observations you can’t make. But it does seem that every time I listen to comparisons with gallium, it is in fact a good marker! Greger: We fed 67Ga along with a dose of A1 to rats and looked at its excretion and its appearance in tissues. We also injected both together. Generally, aluminium and 67Gawere distributed in tissues pretty similarly in both cases, but 67Gawas not a perfect marker.

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