By Gensy Severino

Atado a una silla y herido, el despiadado sicario conocido como el Jabao espera su ejecución y nos introduce al universo donde se desarrolla esta obra, retrato de los angeles oscura condición de nuestro tiempo. Ciudadano de otro mundo es un paseo por una sociedad marcada por los angeles maldad, los angeles pobreza, el dolor y los angeles confusión, l. a. cual clama por l. a. esperanza. El autor nos sumerge en dos historias paralelas. Por un lado un día en l. a. vida de un asesino a sueldo, y por el otro, una serie de episodios protagonizados por Marlenys, joven maestra rural, desilusionada con l. a. vida, quien será impactada por los angeles character que ella menos espera. Con una narrativa ágil y amena, esta obra nos cautiva hasta el ultimate donde ambas historia confluyen.

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2012 American Anthropological Association. Published 2012 by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. human mismeasure Americans in comparison with Native Americans and African Americans. Around the middle of the 19th century, polygenist arguments gained credence in the scientific community and beyond, prompting the formerly enslaved abolitionist Frederick Douglass to offer perhaps the earliest systematic refutation of scientific racism. In an 1854 commencement address delivered at Western Reserve College, Douglass dismissed craniometric claims as “anti-Negro propaganda,” arguing that social environment better explained the unfortunate conditions of blacks and impoverished peoples throughout the world.

Living collections Famed polar explorer Robert Peary brings 7-year-old Minik, his father, Qisuk, and four other Greenland Inuit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York to be studied. Peary has promised to return them to Greenland, but once they are in New York, four of them, including Qisuk, become ill and die. Minik is adopted by a museum superintendent, and his father ’s bones are “de-fleshed” and added to the museum’s collections. Almost a century later, Kenn Harper, author of a biography of Minik, successfully fights for the return of the father ’s skeleton to Greenland.

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