By Thomas W. Chittum

This interesting booklet appears into the very genuine hazard that the USA might descend right into a racial civil conflict within the coming decade. scary, yet choked with evidence which are tricky to argue with.

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Because of the explosion in American drug consumption after the Vietnam war, especially cocaine, the gun mafias grew so rich and powerful that they corrupted the police. The police had always been totally corrupt, of course, and by design, but strictly within the pecking order set by the PRI. Assassinations of PRI and other establishment bigs were forbidden as were turf wars. Now there is simply no longer any center to Mexican society, no supreme Aztec atop the highest pyramid in Mexico City. The gun mafias have ridden into town like Cortez, and they are not impressed with Zedillo or his effete and feathered PRI high priests.

It will also be utterly without mercy due to the mutual hatred and loathing so deeply rooted in southern history. Unlike the Mexican aliens in the Southwest, all blacks are citizens who can vote, and they have a cohesive establishment that is already seizing power legally and gradually, thus skipping the guerrilla stage of Civil War II, at least initially. In fact, the first guerrilla and/or terrorist formations to appear in the south will almost certainly be white. Military virtues, traditional values, patriotism, religious fundamentalism, adherence to cultural norms, and distrust of central authority have long been features of southern white culture.

3,1989, Sect. I, p. 12. The New York Times, April 2, 1995, Business Section, p. 1. The New York Times, Jwe 20, 1995, Sect. D, p. ). Any attempts to evict them will bring accusations of racism, and will spark riots. Item 20: Watch for border incidents involving exchanges of gunfire between Mexican police and/or military on one side and American police and/or military on the other side. One such incident was reported in the New York Times. On Aug. S. Border Patrol officer on the American side of the border was shot in the back by one of two Mexican (Nogales City) police officers on the Mexican side, who then crossed over the border onto American soil and continued firing at the American patrolman and his partner, neither of whom fired back.

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