By Melvin Morse

Tales of youngsters, as soon as clinically useless, concerning out-of-body trip, telepathic conversation and encounters with useless buddies and relatives.

summary: tales of kids, as soon as clinically useless, related to out-of-body commute, telepathic conversation and encounters with lifeless pals and relations

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We physicians can also learn to treat the dying with dignity. It's no coincidence that time and motion studies show doctors spending less time with a patient as he nears death. Doctors like to think they are in control of situations. When a patient starts slipping away, the physician can feel uncomfortable with a situation he can't control. Physicians sometimes fear becoming involved with a patient. Feeling emotionally close to a patient means that the doctor too will suffer an emotional loss when the patient dies.

When I visited Cory at home several months before he died, I expected to find the usual tension and disbelief that surround the terminally ill child and his family. But that wasn't the case. There was almost a joy, a sort of deep understanding as Cory and his mother discussed their desire to end treatment. Cory said that he had been very depressed after learning of his most recent bone-marrow relapse. He was full of hope that his last round of chemotherapy had been successful. He had almost looked forward to the bone-marrow test to see if the medicine had finally done its job.

At the end of the third week, the pastor of the family's church came into the hospital room and told them a remarkable story. He'd had a dream, he said, in which the boy told him, "It's my time to die. You must tell my parents to quit praying. " The pastor was nervous about delivering this message to the family. Still, he said, it was a message too vivid to ignore. " The family members accepted the minister's dream as a message from their son. They prayed, they touched his comatose body, and they told him that he would be missed, but he had permission to die.

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