By Charlaine Harris

Sookie's boyfriend has been very distant-in one other nation, far-off. Now she's off to Mississippi to mingle with the underworld at membership Dead-a little hang-out the place the vampire elite visit relax. but if she ultimately unearths Bill-caught in an act of betrayal-she's uncertain no matter if to avoid wasting him...or sharpen a few stakes.

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They were his decisions, and his alone. Willing himself unseen, he entered the lobby. A real estate agent was showing the building to a group of potential renters, his voice droning on about how the building was state-of-the-art and so on and so forth, as he ushered them toward the elevators. Remy joined the group. They went as far as the twelth floor, the doors opening onto a spacious area just ripe for some sort of commerce, and cubicles of happy worker bees. Remy hit the button for the top floor, the closing doors cutting off the sales pitch of the real estate agent, and leaving him with the hum of the elevator’s ascent.

Mulvehill removed his light spring jacket and hung it on the coat rack by the door. “So where were you last night? ” He pulled out the seat in front of Remy’s desk and sat down, but before he relaxed, he reached for the other bag. The dying angel appeared within Remy’s brain, the empty eye sockets like twin whirlpools trying to suck him down, further into despair. ” Mulvehill offered, pastry in hand. ” “No, thanks,” Remy said. ” Mulvehill shook his head in mock disgust. ” He took an enormous bite from the pastry, crumbs raining down onto the front of his shirt and pants.

They were in a corridor that turned sharply to the right in front of them. To keep his thoughts at bay, Remy began to walk. ” He studied the walls as he went. The entire structure appeared to be made from shadow—from the darkness itself. An eerie inner light, a sort of bioluminescence, dimly illuminated their way from behind the black walls. The hallway led to a larger room, empty but for a single table, upon which lay the body of an angel. A small cart, its surface littered with bloodstained surgical instruments, was positioned nearby.

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