By C. Ammen

Describes the sand foundry, the features of molding sand, the kinds of mould and trend making apparatus, and some of the sand casting tactics for forming metals.

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Match plate pattern. Follow Board A board with a cavity or socket in it which conforms to the form of the pattern and defines the parting surface of the drag. It can be made of wood, plaster or metal. When made of sand it is called a dry sand match. in the drag (split pattern), these parts are attached to the board or plate opposite each other and in the correct location so that when the plate is removed and the mold is closed the cavities in the cope and drag match up correctly. The molding procedure is the same as a one sided mounted plate.

Back Draft If the pattern were shaped as in Fig. 5-5 and the mold parted at its upper face the back draft would prevent its removal without damage to the mold. Back Draft is a reverse taper which prevents removal of a pattern from the mold. INSIDE DRAFT-COPE OUTSIDE 4\\ PARTING LINE J I I PARTING PLANE - Fig. 5-4. Locating patting line. DRAG PAllERN MATING PINS BALL PAllERN Fig. 5-5. Back draft. Fig. 5-7. Split pattern. GATED PATTERN The gate is the channel or channels in a sand mold through which the molten metal enters the cavity left by the pattern.

Licope. The cope is lifted off straight. This is accomplishedby placing the 6ngersunder the cope guides and the heel of your hand or your thumb on top of the drag pin, whichever best. As this distance vatieswithflasks you must choose thumb or heel. If the drag pin only protiudes a short way through the cope guide. you have to use your thumb. The ideal length of piin through the cope guide is, when the heel of your hand is on the top of the drag flask pin, and your tingeunder the cope guide, your hand is only cupped slightly.

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