By Philip Heller

Here is the publication you want to organize for the Java 2 Programmer's and Developer's tests. This research advisor presents: * In-depth assurance of each examination aim for the Programmer's examination for J2SE 1.4 * countless numbers of difficult perform questions * modern examination instruction software program, together with a try out engine, pattern simulation questions, and the complete publication on PDF Authoritative insurance of all Programmer's examination targets, together with: * Language basics * Operators and assignments * Modifiers * changing and casting * circulate regulate, exceptions, and assertions * items and sessions * Threads * The java.lang and java.util applications In-depth assurance of the subjects coated within the Developer's examination, together with: * Swing parts and occasions * format managers * improving and lengthening the database * Writing the community protocol * development the database server * Connecting the buyer and server

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BumpMe += 15; 3. } Line 2 modifies a copy of the parameter passed by the caller. For example: 1. int xx = 12345; 2. bumper(xx); 3. println(“Now xx is “ + xx); Argument Passing: By Reference or By Value 17 On line 2, the caller’s xx variable is copied; the copy is passed into the bumper() method and incremented by 15. Because the original xx is untouched, line 3 will report that xx is still 12345. This is also true when the argument to be passed is an object rather than a primitive. However, it is crucial for you to understand that the effect is very different.

4. 5. length; i++) { squares[i] = i * i; } Java allows you to create non-rectangular arrays. Because multi-dimensional arrays are simply arrays of arrays, each subarray is a separate object, and there is no requirement that the dimension of each subarray be the same. Of course, this type of array requires more care in handling because you cannot simply iterate each subarray using the same limits. Class Fundamentals Java is all about classes, and a review of the Certification Exam objectives will show that you need to be intimately familiar with them.

1 C. 100 D. 101 7. Consider the following application: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 0; } } 25 26 1 Language Fundamentals What value is printed out at line 6? A. 0 B. 0 C. 3 D. 3 8. How can you force garbage collection of an object? A. Garbage collection cannot be forced. B. gc(). C. gc(), passing in a reference to the object to be garbage-collected. D. gc(). E. Set all references to the object to new values (null, for example). 9. What is the range of values that can be assigned to a variable of type short?

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