By Christmas Humphreys

This booklet essentially current the Buddhist perform of meditation and adapt it to Western knowing and life.

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As the sequence of day and night, so is the alternation of work and rest, and it is in these min­ utes of comparative repose that the difference appears between the trained and the untrained student of minddevelopment. The beginner allows his energy to drain aw ay in idle conversation or mental rambling, in vague revision of past experiences or anxiety over events as yet unborn, or in a thousand other wasteful ways for which, were he spending gold instead of mental energy, he would be hailed as a reckless spendthrift to be avoided by all prudent men.

Mention has already been made of the need to curb unnecessary physical movements and man­ nerisms; the same applies to thought and feeling. Long periods of time are wasted in idle day-dreaming, or the useless harping upon some trivial fact or circumstance, and the same applies to indulgence in emotion without its corresponding thought and action. To pander to one’s emotional craving for stimulus may afford one a pleasant ‘kick,’ but only adds to the difficulties of ultimate selfmastery. By ceasing to dissipate one’s energies so lavishly on things of no importance there will be left in hand a larger capacity for organising the daily round in such a w ay that the maximum of useful work is accomplished in the minimum of time.

Physical fitness is not easy to acquire or maintain under modern conditions of living, but a little thought in acquiring the maximum of sunshine and fresh air, sufficient sleep, and the maximum purity of food will be well repaid. More than one aspirant to Yoga has pointed out that no good results can be obtained in a 'dirty' body, that is to say, one which, however clean without, is badly regulated within. Hence the saying, “ the key to Yoga lies in the lower bowel,” and certainly a lavish use of pure water, inside as well as out, goes far towards acquiring and maintaining a healthy physical instrument.

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