By E. Buddecke, H. Kresse, G. Segeth, K. V. Figura (auth.), Professor Dr. Reinhard Fricke, Professor Dr. Fritz Hartmann (eds.)

connective tissues are crucial for the actual functioning of the animals's physique. The situation of some of the connective tissues is ruled through biochemical components, anabolism and catabolism, which are managed via particular enzymes. Any switch open air the conventional variety of metabolism, for example triggered through immunological reactions, may perhaps result in a pathological disturbance. the end result might be acute or persistent irritation, or lack of basic functionality, expressed in loosening, dilatation, breaking, put on, stiffness, shrinking, scars, stenosis, and cirrhosis or the other type of fibrosis. a primary step towards enhancing our realizing of the suggestions mecha­ nism that keeps the organic prestige and texture of a given connective tissue is to mix what's recognized approximately synthesis and enzymatic degradation of the elements of fibers and flooring substance. universal pathological phenomena like power irritation of immune reactions will be both the results of the reason for disturbances within the delicate stability of connective tissue metabolism. these days con­ nective tissues are much less and no more considered as brady trophic tissue yet really as a stimulating and many-sided challenge of analysis. earlier than we will comprehend the pathogenesis of the connective tissue illnesses that lead to the harmful methods pointed out above, uncomplicated examine should be useful. This study may be furthered by means of a relentless alternate of knowledge and the result of· observations. to advertise this alternate of data among scientists, symposia on connective tissue examine are equipped at normal intervals.

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The "proteochondroitln sulfate" shows a negative band at this wavelength and thus agrees qualltatlvely with the peptidokeratan sulfate KS IV. The high content of aspartic acid In all corneal proteoglycans llsted in Table 3 leads to the question of a participation of thls amino aCld in the linkage region between keratan sulfate chain and proteln core. , 1965; Castellani, 1965; Mathews and Cifonelli, 1965) have shown aspartic acid as dominating amino acid in peptido- and proteokeratan sulfates. We found that under mild acidic conditions at PH 2 after two Table 3.

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