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If a period peri is in the domain of sch, we write sch(peri) to represent the range element (the set of experts) in sch to which peri points. If a period peri has not yet been planned and assigned a collection of experts, it is not in the domain of the mapping sch and so sch(peri) is not defined. Finally, consider Requirement R1. This combines the type definitions we have made into a top-level type definition modelling the entire Plant. This must be a record with the schedule for experts that are on duty and a collection of alarms which can be activated.

Its definition will be given in the next draft of this report. The report presented above was reviewed by several other engineers. They wrote the following comments and questions on the report. In each case, consider whether you agree with the comment or try to answer the question. Remember that it is more important to think about the model and its level of abstraction than to get a “correct” answer. 1. Why do you represent the Data field in the SensorReply record? As far as I can see, it never gets used.

To state an invariant formally, we express the property which all values must satisfy as a Boolean expression on a typical element of the type. As an example, consider Requirement R4; arguably it should be strengthened. Experts with no qualifications are not of much use in this plant. quali <> {} where inv is a keyword indicating the invariant definition and ex is a pattern matching the structure of the type definition and finally the == means “is defined as”. 24 2 Constructing a Model Requirement R3 indicates that there must be at least one expert on duty in all periods for which the system has assigned a group of experts.

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