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Depending on the item type classification that you use when you create the item type, the item can be: • An item, which is self-contained and does not describe or represent an object on the Resource Manager. An item contains information that does not directly equate with an object. For example, if you look up a subject keyword, the resulting item may be a list of items that further narrow the subject, or simply a long textual explanation. • A resource item, which describes and connects to an object on the Resource Manager.

For example, to represent a folder that can be used with the IBM Content Manager clients, create a document item type with attributes and no associated document management parts. This does the same thing as creating an item type of item; but an item type of item cannot be used with the provided Content Manager clients. If a document item type does have associated parts, they are managed in a parts list, which is a hidden child component of the document item type. It is important for integrated solutions that share content stored in Content Manager with the Content Manager clients to follow the item type document model.

6 Customization options When using Content Manager's Document Routing services, you have three customizing options: • Server exits: ♦ On entering or leaving work nodes ♦ On a work node overload • Java and C++ APIs: ♦ Using management interfaces - DKDocRoutingServiceMgmtICM ♦ Using client interfaces - DKDocRoutingServiceICM • Java non-visual beans Server exits As described in "Work nodes" on page 64, server exits can be used to customize your Document Routing processes. An exit can be triggered from a work node when: • A work package enters a work node.

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