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Ethics for CPAs: Meeting Expectations in Challenging Times

Present, finished guidance to moral laws for accounting pros A handful of high-profile accounting misdeeds at Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and so forth have left the whole accounting career scrambling to say its validity and negotiate a flurry of recent laws.

Accounting and Business Ethics: An Introduction

Regardless of the big influence of various accounting scandals on the accounting occupation, the overall malaise among the occupation extra greatly, and the numerous legislative and institutional reforms that experience taken position for this reason, there are nonetheless unusually few textbooks on accounting ethics.

An Integral Approach to Development Economics: Islamic Finance in an African Context

Constructing economies similar to these in sub-Saharan Africa are searching for life like monetary coverage prescriptions. regardless of fiscal progress in international locations like Nigeria, poverty and unemployment blight the lives of many, in the middle of lots. at the same time, a lot neo-classical monetary notion is being puzzled opposed to the backdrop of worldwide fiscal meltdown, giving upward thrust to inquiry approximately extra fundamental techniques to sustainable improvement.

Spirituality and Sustainability: New Horizons and Exemplary Approaches

This e-book goals to ascertain sustainability and spirituality philosophically with ethics because the balancing strength. The objective is to bare the $64000 intersection among sustainability and spirituality through the use of spirituality because the invisible guiding hand within the quest for sustainability. The editors and individuals learn previous social and economics dilemmas from a brand new standpoint which will offer substitute methods to monetary and social improvement.

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List what you think are the important values you hold as a social worker. 2. 3? 3. Can you suggest any modifications/additions to the CCETSW list? 3 Values and Knowledge This chapter will explore the interrelationship between knowledge and values through discussing the value implications of some of the theories and models proposed for social work. It will highlight the tension between Kantian, utilitarian and radical values discussed in chapter 2. ' are all questions that have long puzzled philosophers, so it is perhaps not surprising if they have also given social work theorists some food for thought.

They liken, in fact, the social worker to the driver of a car who nevertheless drives knowing the brakes are faulty. If I had run over the child while driving with faulty brakes, then I would have been morally blameworthy. According to Hollis and Howe, in taking on the job of social worker, the worker knows that she is being asked to drive a car 22 Ethics and Values in Social Work with faulty brakes. Therefore she must expect and accept moral blame when bad outcomes occur (as they inevitably will).

But it is thought to be highly unlikely that the father will seriously injure or kill the child. So, on balance, it is decided to leave the child with the family. We know it is a risk a moral risk as well as a technical one - which was why we described the situation as a dilemma. There are not welcome outcomes, only less unwelcome ones; when the choice is the lesser of two evils, whichever one chooses, it is an 'evil'. This is a constant problem for the social worker. If the social worker has carefully thought through all aspects of the dilemma, and made a decision to act in order to try to avoid the worst outcome, she has acted with moral integrity.

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